NARS Audacious Lipsticks = The Best

NARSNever tried anything so pigmented and creamy, it almost blurs your lips’ imperfections and dryness because it gives a lot of product unto your lips. Yet, it does not feel heavy all at the same time. These lipsticks are amazing and very rich for the price you are getting. The packaging is so sleek and it is magnetic, so the lid goes unto the lipstick tube seamlessly because they stick together in the right direction. The packaging has NARS written all around the tube so subtle, it makes it more beautiful. As for the colours I originally just wanted a Nude but then I said to myself I want a colour that I do not have, maybe, a nice rich and warm orange that will be perfect for the Fall. This colour Catherine reminds me of the Fall leaves, it is the perfect warm and cozy orange rather than wearing a brighter coral for the Fall, this colour is more appropriate. The colour Catherine can be found at any Sephora, as for the other colour, it was said to be exclusive to Holt Renfrew only (Luxury store in Canada). It could be exclusive to luxury stores in the US but it is also available on the NARS official website ( purple blue toned shade is called Dominique and its great because it is a very cool purple because of the blue in it and it is also perfect for the Winter season. Now that I have these two colours that are absolutely beautiful, yet, they can’t be worn everyday. I want to go out and buy their most popular nude, which is also beautiful, Raquel. The lipsticks retail for $32 prices may vary.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have tried out the Audacious lipsticks and which shade, I will definitely go and swatch them.

Much love. xo


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